September 13, 2008

[a day] ~a weng2 mood (‘.^)~

Posted in Uncategorized tagged , at 3:55 pm by farahramly

xtaw la ari aper… but ari ni mmg sedikit giler… abes sume org yg org knal.. org as wether they would like to b my bro.. hhaha.. weng2 rite… i dun noe y la… seap der yg provok lagi.. wat status “sape nk jdik awek sy.. sy pkai maxis 3+1” … xpo le incik A@S… ni sume gara incik K mengong… i dun noe how dis start.. dia ask me wether is there anybody out there believe dis “abg agkat” stigma… bcoz dia kta tu sume proxy jer tuk wat spare tyre abg2 agkt… heyy incik K… i can prove u la now… i’ve sumbody… yg act as my bro w/o dat feelin’… n now u start to argue bout dat rite… askin’ dat n dis bout my bro a.k.a abg sharul.. dun tell me u wanna be my bro too… haha… ari tuh dia tya y need this type of bro xckup ke abg yg sedia ade… or nk ilangkan sunyi jer… bile org ckap to talk bout sumthing yg kita xley nk discuz ngan friends, siblings n couple… to be a listener… then tetibe dia pon kta “oo i pon suke dgar2 citer nie”… haha… aiyo.. how come i want to share a story wif u… one word i say 28 words u give me back in 2 seconds.. adey la… n anything i say always goes wrong to u… so how u wanna be a good listener to me… plus only want a “cun” gurl rite although u sai d u r encem enough … haaaaaaa poyo gilerzzzzzzzz………..

this a day where org start to collaberate ngan incik sharul to b as a partner… sumkind of “abg” … no feeling at all.. juz to share sumthing that we cannot share with people who is always around us… n luckily in this 7 day i thought everything going very2 well… love to nyembang with him.. kinda of a big bro to me… love his way very much… his way ok not him… 😉


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