June 22, 2008

an IntRo 0F m3

Posted in Uncategorized tagged , , at 12:59 pm by farahramly

how i’m gonna to start dis? ok… a piece of myself mbe a great intro… here i am…

from kuala lipis… a historical place for me and others tooo i guess… both my parents are from here… so i am pure pahang… “oghang pahang jati weh”… cma len2 daerah jer.. sbb tu loghat nyer xpure maner.. tp still get the words… tmpt len xder bahasa canggeh mcam kat cni.. so i’m proud wif it… 😀

i learn a lot about outsider from my study journey… learn about life…learn to be independent… n most important thing learn how to appreciate something, somebody….


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